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Words from the Rising Republics


     Courts in Alabama differ from the normal rule, as they have asserted that the court of equity should award damages even though no other type of relief is sought. An Alabama court stated: (12% interest per anum)

      If the county through its duly constituted authorities without the consent of the landowner whose title and possession is not disputed takes or undertakes to appropriate private property for public use, a court of equity will intervene and require just compensation to be made. Id. at 137-38, 43 So. 2d at 116.

      The city had the discretion to acquire an airport or not to acquire it, to take this or that land or not to take it. It did not have the discretion to take land without paying for it. After the taking the duty to condemn became ministerial.63 Brown v. Murphy, supra note 62, at 321, 47 A.2d at 597.

      Haywood Jackson Mizell for years has sought intervention by a Court of Equity so that just compensation would be made. The City of Ozark exercised the discretion to take the Holman House, but has refused to pay just compensation for its occupancy or for the purchase of the legal title.

   What belongs to us cannot be transferred to another without our consent. Dig. 50, 17, 11. But this must be understood with this qualification, that the government may take property for public use, paying the owner its value. The title to property may also be acquired, with the consent of the owner, by a judgment of a competent tribunal. Maxim of law.

     Haywood Jackson Mizell sought factual judgment determination of the Superior Title holder, done so by his filing of a Quiet Title Action in the Dale County Circuit Court, Kimberly A. Clark, Dale County Circuit Presiding Judge, in case 26-CV-2019-000008.00, where legal title was all that was in issue in the action, and such title, when ascertained, whether in the plaintiff or in the defendant, draws to it a REQUIRED JUDGEMENT OF THE COURT.

Words from the Rising Republics


Covenant verses Contract

     When one swears to uphold and defend the US Constitution, he becomes a servant of the Constitution, which makes him a freeman. His oath is a covenant not just a contract.

     A covenant is a gift one gives even when there is no balance of exchange. On the other hand, a contract is an exchange of items of equal value.

     “Let each esteem other better than themselves”. The central theme of the Constitution, based on Christian principle was unique, the first government established on the rule of law that held all men to be equal in opportunity to give of himself freely within the limits of the dimension of his God-given rights, rights that could not be deprived, but maintained.

     The struggle attached to all contracts is to gain balance. Both parties much give only what he gets in equal value in return. This exchange is commonly referred to as capitalism. Crony-capitalism is one side given favor, normally the battle for control. Two essential ingredients in any contract are respect and integrity.

   For over 155 years, the United States attempts to maintain the appearance of being governed by the US Constitution covenant. The covenant was abandoned, giving way to congress controlled crony-capitalism where control is most important, more important than the body’s wellbeing. Demonizing opposition is routine when control is the objective.

     The covenant before us daily is the marriage covenant, not to be confused with the same sex contract where no procreation is possible and where self-gratification is paramount. When essential respect and integrity departs from the marriage covenant, the covenant dies an instant death, even though the parties may practice battles on a contract field until one side gives into physical death.

     Intimacy between parties without a covenant relationship engage in “How can I get the most for the least.” The battle centers on getting control to gain advantage.

     Such is the current scene in America. Death looms all around us waiting for the funeral to be announced. The end justifies the means. Delusion, the believing of the lie, refusing the truth, pollutes the air we all breathe.

     The overthrow of the Prince of this world at the second coming is our hope. For some, the blessed hope is to be taken safely out before the battle begins and the world dissolves with fervent heat. Self-righteousness is being ignorant of God’s righteousness. Death, Burial, and resurrection we see everyday giving life in the sunrise, sunset, night then again. Who is the light of the world?  

The Declaration of Independence canceled any notion that kings ruled by Divine Right. The Prince of this World could only offer bondage. God gave each of his creation the opportunity to be free simply by accepting His plea, a free gift or remedy provided the remedy was accepted, from the heart, within a specified length of time. After death, one who refused the free remedy has an eternal hell to pay.

The Constitution granted freedom governed through “public Law”. Since 1933, all Americans are today governed by “public policy”. Rid yourself of “default thinking” and embrace “future based thinking” where freedom alone prevails.