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“Let God be true and every man a liar.”
“Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. I will repay.”

The Kansas State Supreme Court has estimated that there are 62 million mortgages in America that cannot be enforced. “MERS” Mortgage Electronic Registration System was created so that its members i.e. JP Morgan, Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc. could steal $2.4 billion in courthouse filing fees. A “wet-ink signature” on a promissory note makes it a negotiable instrument according to the Uniform Commercial Code. Its creation makes legal the mortgage, which the MERS process destroys.

In many cases a single mortgage has been copied and sold thirty or more times before destruction in order to support the investment banker’s individual “ponzi scheme”.  Without the original wet-ink signature on the promissory note, a counterfeit is made in the form of a copy.  These bankers personify “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

When a judge says, “This is my court and I decide what law is.  A copy will suffice in this court.”  He declares himself an accomplice to the counterfeit document acting as the one who enables the theft under the ‘color of law’. The tragedy is that the public servant, the district attorney or state attorney general, does not present to a grand jury the judge’s actions as consideration for a potential indictment.

Now, the real problem is that your and my silence serves to include us under God’s vengeance.  As God’s children, we are not to tolerate iniquity in our land.  When the country goes down under God’s wrath, we go down as well.

A grand jury action is an indictment when the prosecutor is present.  The grand jury action is called a presentment when the prosecutor is asked to leave the room.  The judge’s action as a counterfeiter can gain grand jury presentment for further consideration by a jury on two levels, one as the counterfeiter, and two, for treason because he denied  his oath of office to support, defend, and preserve the Constitution.  God demands righteous judgment from all grand jury members.  We must repent in order to hopefully save America. Repentance starts at home. By the grace of God, can we start today?