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Words from the Rising Republics

Liberty vs License

Liberty is the freedom to do right.

License is the privilege to do wrong, which word is derived from the word licentiousness, having no regard for accepted rules or standards.

“ The only true liberty lies within the bounds of God’ s rules and regulations for your life…what God will allow legally and rightfully in your life.

Inside His bounds lies the only true freedom, the only real freedom there is.

You are free to go back and forth, up and down anywhere within those bounds. Once you step outside those bounds you are in slavery, in bondage.

God’s bounds for your life are like a corral. Occasionally you might go near the boundary-- almost out of the will of God. At times, you might be confused about the will of God. Sometimes you may make rapid progress, then slow progress, often even in circles, and then sometimes forward, but the path wherein God has fixed those limits, you have freedom, and you have liberty.

Once you step outside the limits, then you are in slavery no matter what the system is, or where it is.

Whenever you bust those bounds, you come under the dominion of the world, the flesh, or the devil every time you bust those bonds.

Moratorium on Mortgage Foreclosures

This is posted on the web site of Rico S. Giron, candidate for sheriff of San Miguel County, New
Mexico in the General Election November 2, 2010. The following is listed as one of his platforms in
his bid for election as sheriff.

Moratorium on Mortgage Foreclosures

The Constitution for the united States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land, Article VI, paragraph
2. All statutes and laws enacted by Congress must be in harmony with the Constitution. Any statute or
law enacted by Congress that is in contradiction or disharmony with the Constitution is null and void from
the beginning. It creates no duties, creates no rights, imposes no obligations or duties upon any Citizen
of the united States of America. It is as if it never existed. Marbury v. Madison, U.S. Supreme Court
decision, 1801.

“…all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound
by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution”, Article VI, paragraph 3.


More on Home Foreclosures

EVERYONE needs to watch this and pass it on to everyone on your lists.  People need to know what they are dealing with here.  Anyone in this fraud loop should reap very harsh consequences.  I urge everyone who has foreclosure issues, DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM YOUR HOME!!!!!

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Stop Home Foreclosures

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The Spirit of God delights to trace the boundaries of the people, and to dwell on the most minute details connected with their history. He takes a lively and loving interest in all that concerns them, their conflicts, their victories, their possessions, all their landmarks, everything about them is dwelt upon with a minuteness which, by its touching grace and condescension, fills the heart with wonder, love and praise. Man, in his contemptible self-importance, thinks it beneath his dignity to enter upon minute details; but our God counts the hairs of our heads; puts our tears into His bottle; takes knowledge of our every care, our every sorrow, our every need. There is nothing too small for His love, as there is nothing too great for His power. He concentrates His loving care upon each one of His people as though He had only that one to attend to; and there is not a single circumstance in our private history, from day to day, however trivial, in which He does not take a loving interest.

Let us ever remember this, for our comfort; and may we learn to trust Him better, and use, with a more artless faith, His fatherly love and care. He tells us to cast all our care upon Him, in the assurance that He careth for us. He would have our hearts as free from care as our conscience is free from guilt. "Be careful for nothing; but, in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God; and the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Phil. 4: 6, 7.)

It is to be feared that the great majority of us know but little of the real depth, meaning and power of such words as these. We read them, and hear them; but we do not take them in, and make our own of them. We do not digest them and reduce them to practice. How little do we really enter into the blessed truth that our Father is interested in all our little cares and sorrows; and that we may go to Him with all our little wants and difficulties. We imagine that such things are beneath the notice of the High and Mighty One who inhabiteth eternity, and sitteth upon the circle of the earth. This is a, serious mistake, and one that robs us of incalculable blessing, in our daily history. We should ever remember that there is nothing great or small with our God. All things are alike to Him who sustains the vast universe by the word of His power, and takes notice of a falling sparrow. It is quite as easy to Him to create a world as to provide a breakfast for some poor widow. The greatness of His power, the moral grandeur of His government, and the minuteness of His tender care do, all alike, command the wonder and the worship of our hearts.

Christian reader, see that you make your own of all these things. Seek to live nearer to God in your daily walk. Lean more upon Him. Use Him more. Go to Him in all your need, and you will never have to tell your need to a poor fellow mortal. "My God shall supply all your need, according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." What a source! "God." What a standard!  "His riches in glory." What a channel!  "Christ Jesus." It is your sweet privilege to place all your need over against His riches, and lose sight of the former in the presence of the latter. His exhaustless treasury is thrown open to you, in all the love of His heart; go and draw upon it, in the artless simplicity of faith, and you will never have occasion to look to a creature stream, or lean on a creature prop.

On a Lighter Note

Here are a couple of songs for your enjoyment

"Smell it in His Skin" is one reason for the move from the defacto government to the dejure.

"Over There" is a tribute to the sacrifice of military families.

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