standing fast for liberty. Gal. 5:1
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Liberty vs License

Liberty is the freedom to do right.

License is the privilege to do wrong, which word is derived from the word licentiousness, having no regard for accepted rules or standards.

“ The only true liberty lies within the bounds of God’ s rules and regulations for your life…what God will allow legally and rightfully in your life.

Inside His bounds lies the only true freedom, the only real freedom there is.

You are free to go back and forth, up and down anywhere within those bounds. Once you step outside those bounds you are in slavery, in bondage.

God’s bounds for your life are like a corral. Occasionally you might go near the boundary-- almost out of the will of God. At times, you might be confused about the will of God. Sometimes you may make rapid progress, then slow progress, often even in circles, and then sometimes forward, but the path wherein God has fixed those limits, you have freedom, and you have liberty.

Once you step outside the limits, then you are in slavery no matter what the system is, or where it is.

Whenever you bust those bounds, you come under the dominion of the world, the flesh, or the devil every time you bust those bonds.