standing fast for liberty. Gal. 5:1
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Words from the Rising Republics


Alabama and all other states gave up their sovereignty when the states allowed the Federal Government to print Fiat Currency, currency not backed by gold. This was done in the early 1930s under a clever president who believed that the only thing to fear is fear itself, whatever that means.

A semblance of private property rights was substituted under the Glass-Steagall Act. Thanks to the internet, youth today elect to rent thus avoiding the semblance of ownership. The Glass-Steagall Act was repealed by Bill Clinton.

Over 72 million Americans can truthfully classify themselves as peons who can never own property. Rent actually parades itself today in the garb of “paying off the mortgage.” After thirty years and the “mortgage” is paid, most think the house is owned by them. Not legally. The rent is reduced to a portion of the “mortgage”, and is re-evaluated each year.

Lurching on the horizon and available is a quiet title action needed to decide who can rent the house. The quiet title court action is costly, but even after you are still a “renter.” The paid mortgage is still in commercial trade and is called “a derivative.” A German or Chinese bank or even an investment banker can show up with your signature approval giving them the right to “rent” not you. “_______ Bank does not disperse original documents.” You say that will never happen, maybe not to you, but it happens on a yearly rate of about 1.5 million households.

What a fool I was. It happened to me. Now I know I rent. Being a peon is not all that bad. This nation has survived slavery, after all, we are truly the free by comparison among all the other peon slaves. What does the make-up our slave corpse display? (See 42 U.S. Code § 1994 – Peonage abolished).

The good news is that the saved have an eternal home settled in the heavens. The saved are pilgrims just passing through being the servants of Christ. The saved were bought by Christ and the saved have elected to remain His servant forever and free. His blood bought “the original.” He got what He paid for.

There are 360 “fear not” in the bible. God does not lie or deceive.

The Declaration of Independence canceled any notion that kings ruled by Divine Right. The Prince of this World could only offer bondage. God gave each of his creation the opportunity to be free simply by accepting His plea, a free gift or remedy provided the remedy was accepted, from the heart, within a specified length of time. After death, one who refused the free remedy has an eternal hell to pay.

The Constitution granted freedom governed through “public Law”. Since 1933, all Americans are today governed by “public policy”. Rid yourself of “default thinking” and embrace “future based thinking” where freedom alone prevails.