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Haywood Jackson Mizell                                                               January 03, 2019

4518 Woodledge Drive      

Montgomery, AL 36109                       Certified Mail 7018 3090 0001 9985 3564

                                                             Return Receipt 9590 9402 4949 9063 7991 48


Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Return Mail Operations

P.O. Box 10368

Des Moines, IA 50306·0368

ATTN: Amy Wachter

Senior Vice President

Customer Care and Recovery Group


Subject: Acknowledgment your typical letter addressed to Alice Faye Mizell and signed by Amy Wachter of December 26, 2019, Account 708·0128507779. The identity information regarding the Mortgage Banker Bond, policy number and claim department, were not mentioned. Mentioned was request for purchase of additional time. The outstanding obligation and agreed to amount for WF purchase of time: Total due as of January 01, 2020---$605,220,224.12


Dear Amy Wachter,


This letter is to response to your letter dated 12/26/2019. The above referenced contract was secured by both parties, the borrower secured the promise to pay with real estate that was wrongfully foreclosed upon and Wells Fargo secured their lawful conduct as lender with a Mortgage Banker Bond to be filed in the records of the Dale County Alabama Probate Office. WF’s failure to file the Mortgage Banker Bond into the record is one of WF’s defaults. WF has elected unlimited exposure and purchase of time until such time research has located the bond for execution. Such location determination could limit WF’s exposure, provided the bond is located, which establishes lawful limits to WF’s defaults that are illegal.


Needless to say, the time purchase amount is valid only as compensation for a default and is established by consent of both parties. Consent has been granted after proper notification and has been agreed to by a 30-day response silence identified and connected to each written request as clarified by each request for additional time. The current monthly time extension request is approximately $3.6 million as agreed to, and similar to late payment fees.


The borrower, and neither can the lender, lawfully exact collection of the security instrument without, judicial or consensual non-judicial, review. It is always best to let law enforcement lawfully make the collection, all without disturbance of the peace.

As borrower, the monthly additional fee amount is such that it is unwise to dishonor time extension requests short of reaching $1 billion. On the other hand, the borrower cannot prevent the lender’s default curative efforts in curtailing lender’s exposure.


WF’s Mortgage Banker Bond default existed from the beginning and continues even today, and without dispute or dissent as to its default liability.


Your truly,




Signed for Alice Faye Mizell by her husband Haywood Jackson Mizell


Enclosed copy of your letter dated 12/26/2019.

The Declaration of Independence canceled any notion that kings ruled by Divine Right. The Prince of this World could only offer bondage. God gave each of his creation the opportunity to be free simply by accepting His plea, a free gift or remedy provided the remedy was accepted, from the heart, within a specified length of time. After death, one who refused the free remedy has an eternal hell to pay.

The Constitution granted freedom governed through “public Law”. Since 1933, all Americans are today governed by “public policy”. Rid yourself of “default thinking” and embrace “future based thinking” where freedom alone prevails.